Bennett's Sit-in Story

Website Staff

Jennifer Coward
Jennifer Coward is graduating senior, Print Journalism major from Washington, DC. Coward worked on the profiles, and the civil rights stories section of the website. Also, Coward located many of the pictures for the multimedia section. The pictures can be found in the 1950 Belle year book. 


Myeisha Essex
Myeisha Essex is a junior print journalism major from Los Angeles, CA. Essex focused on web design and photo editing for the site. Essex also serves as the Creative Director of BELLE Magazine.

Nezile Mthembu
Nezile Mthembu is a junior Journalism & Media Studies major from the Republic of South Africa. Mthembu worked on the content for this website. She also contributed written pieces about civil rights activists as well as historical events. She currently serves as the News Director for the BELLE Magazine.  


Angeline Pearson
Angeline is a print journalism major from Sacramento, California. Researched and gathered articles and records from both Bennett college and the University of Greensboro College libraries to construct the historical timeline of the 1960s sit-in demonstrations. 


Carmen Smith
Carmen Smith is a junior, Print Journalism major from Greenwood, SC. 

Student Contributers

Briana Barner
Christina Berkely
Lydia Blanco
Nakisha Carter
Sara Finch
Krystal Hodge
Shamari Maryland
Janell Pruitt
Dominique Reynolds
Candyce Roberts
Christen Walker
Iymaani Walker
Adrian Whitfield

Professor Keonte Coleman