Bennett's Sit-in Story

Bennett College's Contribution 
to the Sit-In Movement
"We were not scared, we were elated that we were smashing barriers, but cautious because people were killed for talking about what we did." - Esther Terry, Bennet College Provost 


Our Mission
"Bennett College's Contribution to the Sit-In Movement" is  a journalism student led initiative that reveals and celebrates Bennett College women who helped spearhead the Sit-In Movement at the Woolworth's Lunch Counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1960. In this website, you will find profiles of Bennett activists and their stories of the days surrounding the Sit-In Movement.  You'll see different ways Bennett College was integral in fostering change in Greensboro, NC.  The journalism students compiled stories and created this multipurpose website to celebrate the legacy of our Unsung Sheroes, and most importantly to ensure that their legacy lives on and their sacrifice is never forgotten.    

The Greensboro Four did not sit-in alone.

Bennett Belles and Aggies walk the picket lines together.
Belles wait in a voter registration line.